Iron Man Week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iron Man #63, Cover (detail). 2002. Oil on illustration board, 20 x 30".

I must admit, I'm pretty excited to see Iron Man 2 this week (Wednesday, in fact, courtesy of Marvel). In honor of the much anticipated movie, I'm going to be featuring Iron Man art I've done over the years (most of which you've probably seen before), including the first cover I ever painted for my perennial patron (8 years ago next month!). On Friday, I'll show some process pics taken during the creative process. In the meantime, here are some details.

As they gear up for the Avengers movie in 2012, I can only hope to see Stark's armory grow to this size... and if there was a giant electrical outlet in the one empty bay, my purpose on this earth would be fulfilled.


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