Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 107

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #641, Cover. 2010.
Watercolor and gouache on Illustration Board, 11 x 17".

Lately, I've been printing my color studies right next to my reference photos so everything is in the same place. As I've mentioned before, I often paint on the printout in order to match my colors in context. The female models come from stock photography I found on-line after a search for "wind-swept hair." I probably could have done without the extra reference, but I'm sure it informed my decisions in some way.


  1. Thanks for showing your process like this. I love seeing these, and the Blue Spidey is killer!

  2. love your facial expression! really makes me feel the emotions! haha

  3. I love this cover. Great work.

  4. It lacks authenticity. You should have photoshopped your pics together so you were actually hugging yourself, then used that as a reference.

    JOKING. :p

  5. Thanks, pointpusher!

    Anonymous, I can't seem to help empathizing with my characters—even when I don't need the reference.

    Thanks, Brian!

    Chris, maybe I'll do that for next Wednesday's pics...

  6. Paolo, surely you know dozens of lovely women who'd willingly fall into your manly arms to help you with a reference photo or two? If not, then it would be a great chat up line in your local supermarket/bar/nightclub. Beautiful painting, Sir.

  7. Again, beautiful painting. Thank god you didn´t do Mary Jane´s arms exactly like yours. It would be a little disturbing.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. this is amazing, and it makes me ache with sadness. poor spidey!

  10. ow. my. gowd.

    I thought you were going to show us this. but I was hoping till the very end to see a pratty girl.


  11. Cliff, I've only used that line once... with limited success.

    Thanks, guys. Glad you liked the cover. I did have to tone down MJ's arms a tad—she's a supermodel, not a superhero.


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