Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mythos: X-Men page 20, panel 4 (detail of Cyclops). 2005. Oil on masonite, 16 x 24".


  1. I've always loved how his visor is the brightest part of the panel.

  2. Thanks, Narco. Am I allowed to agree with you? Of course, I cropped out the fire in this detail, which would rival his visor in terms of brightness... but I digress.

  3. X-men Mythos is still one of the most artistically satisfying books I've ever read.

  4. @Paolo: Of course you're allowed to agree! X-Men Mythos and I think Spider-Man Mythos were the primary sources I used for my Color Theory presentation actually. Really great color work in there, not to say that FF, Cap, and Ghost Rider weren't amazing, though.

    I have to thank you for signing your business card last Wednesday, and I wish that I wasn't so strained for time that day, as it was my birthday. I made a mistake and got writers to sign my stuff before getting a sketch from you.

    I'll get a Paolo Rivera sketch one day!

  5. Reau, you are too kind! Makes me want to pick up oil again!

    @Paolo? Did I start tweeting without realizing it? Thanks for stopping by the signing, Narco. I think a lot of people did the same thing, so I stayed a little longer to squeeze a few more sketches in (and by "a few," I mean about a dozen). Speak up, next time, so I know it's you. I'm always frazzled during those things.

  6. I imagine those events would frazzle even Frazetta.

    Watching your sketches from the sidelines, it looks like you made each drawing count. The sketches were easily identifiable as a "Paolo sketch," and while I love Mike Mckone, his sketch didn't have much of him in it.

    I wanted to leave with you a copy of an art and literature magazine a bunch of friends and I started (which also had my card in it), but there's always next Avengers Day (or sooner).

    Anyway, next time, I'll make sure to say hi.


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