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Friday, May 21, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #638, Cover. 2010.
Watercolor and gouache on Illustration Board, 11 x 17".

The cover to the first issue of One Moment in Time has been released via Why not show it here too? I'm afraid the original art has already been claimed (as has the last cover, 641), but the covers to 639 and 640 will be available after publication.

Have a great weekend!


  1. This came out so awesome. I like the light coming from below, highlighting the hair. And how the hair in shadow contrasts with the sky.

  2. A W E S O M E COVER!! I can't wait for this issue to come out WOW! Your artwork keeps getting better and better.

  3. Stunning color choice! I'd love to see a step by step break down of this one!

    I noticed you've been using the Wet media Strahmore.
    How do you like it?

    I got a few sheets of it and and supposedly you can make watercolor washes much easier with it, but it seem to absorb and dry the inital water before I go is with a loose watercolor wash?

    I use gouche as well I must say.. more so than watercolor.

  4. oh and... sorry for the sketchy iphone typing skills. lol

  5. ThinkBaker: apology accepted.

    I'm really loving the Wet Media board, and will probably continue to use it for painted covers until my supply runs out (which will be a while). I feel like I can be rougher and more experimental with the surface because it seems more durable, but this may just be in my mind. It certainly accepts watercolor well, which I've been using in increasing quantities, especially for backgrounds and large areas. The only drawback (and this is trivial) is that it doesn't fit as nicely in my page portfolios.

  6. Just wondering which bits are gouache and which are watercolours? Beautiful cover, inspiring work.

    1. Most of the sky is background and much of the initial color washes. If you could see the original, it would be easier to discern. I save gouache and acrylic for the opaque passes.


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