Frazetta Museum, Part 1

Monday, May 24, 2010


  1. First I want to say thanks for the great blog, Paulo. I look forward to checking in each day and getting a daily dose of comic art! Now my question...

    Since you've seen his stuff in person, just how thin was the guy painting with his oils?

    I thought the spread at the top was just another one of the many old photos of his work you see on the internet. Then I saw the crack top-center. Awesome.

  2. Thanks for reading, Vincent.

    From the paintings I saw in person, I'd say he had a pretty wide range with regard to paint thickness. Some of the backgrounds verged on washes, while other areas boasted heavy impasto. Overall, I'd say the paintings were fairly thin, with heavier passes confined to areas of interest and/or simulated texture.

    Also, I must say that everything is stunning in person. The rather colorful paintings never attain full brilliance in reproduction, as is the case with a great deal of art.

  3. Is the Frazetta museum still open or will it re-open? I don't travel much...but it's my dream to one day see Frazetta paintings in person as well as going to the Rockwell museum and seeing his paintings in the flesh.

  4. Thanks Paolo!

    I could never really tell with the reproductions in the Fenner's books. The pictures still looked amazing, but like you said, they obviously loose a lot in translation.

    Looking between his older watercolors and the oil painting he got into (and bravo for that!) it always looked to me like he was carrying some of the same technique over from one medium to the other, almost like he was using turpentine like water to get the same sort of effects.

  5. Sam, I actually don't know. I briefly checked the web site before I posted, and it didn't seem to be as inviting as before. I don't know if you've been following any of the legal trouble surrounding the family, but I sincerely hope the museum remains open to the public. His work is not to be missed.

    Rockwell, of course, falls into the same category. I've been meaning to go back ever since I left. Next on my list, however, is the Brandywine Museum. That will be like a pilgrimage for me.

    Vincent, I'm not entirely sure if those were watercolors or not. They very well may have been all oil. Regardless, he was the consummate master of all media and I'm sure his experiments in one informed the others.


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