Mary Jane Maquette—Work in Progress

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mary Jane Maquette (unfinished). 2009. Super Sculpey Firm, 3.5" tall.

I suppose it's okay to show this now that we know who One Moment in Time is about. The face is basically done, but I'd still like to do more with the hair before I throw it in the oven. When looking for inspiration, there is none greater than John Romita, Sr., but I also tried to blend the looks of Leighton Meester and Miranda Kerr into the mix. How did I discover them? I started by googling "dimples."

Amazing Spider-Man #639, Cover (detail). 2010.
Gouache on Strathmore Wet Media Board, 11 x 17".


  1. Yes, yet another post that I need to do! But I can say that I generally use 4 tools: a small rake, a dentist's tooth pick, a "color shaper" (rubber-tipped wedge tool), and a small brush for smoothing things out with oil. Glad you like!

  2. Your maquettes are wonderful and a 'sculpt in progress' post would be very welcome. Cool painting too, Paolo.

  3. Thanks, Cliff! I'd love to see her fight Mr. Plasticine.

    A sculpt post is long overdue. Perhaps this summer I'll finally get around to it.

  4. ...your stuff has got me back into sculpting!!! I would love to see a video on the process on one of your sculptures....(or at the very least a shot of the tools you mentioned)

    ...also your blog is one of the most informative out there....keep it up...i am learning a lot.

  5. thedave, perhaps I can throw together a quick intro to tools next week. I've been meaning to do a series of posts on sculpture for too long now, but something quick might be more feasible. I don't have any video of me sculpting, but I've got an extensive collection of process photos from my Red Sonja sculpture—I'll get around to posting those some day.

    In the meantime, check out the Tony Cipriano interview at There should be a link to it from my interview at the bottom of this blog.

  6. WOW man...that was amazing...answered a lot of questions...especially seeing the wax part. Thanks for the help....would still like to see one from you though.
    Here's a link to some of my stuff.

    ...would love to hear some thoughts.

  7. Yes, Cipriano's process is not something I've ever used, but I've always wanted to try it. Glad you found it helpful.

    After a quick look at your work, the first thing I'd say is to make the switch to Super Sculpey Firm. The density of the material will hold more intricate detail and its color makes it easier to see. As far as the forms, try to think of the hair as a single mass, as opposed to separate filaments.

  8. thanks again for taking the time out to respond....didn't even know there was a SS Firm...i think that alone will be a big help!

  9. "Thanks, Cliff! I'd love to see her fight Mr. Plasticine."

    She'd be putty in his hands.
    Yup, it's taken me this long to come up with that 'witty' reply. Apologies. Heh Heh.


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