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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #639, Cover
. 2010.
Gouache on Strathmore Wet Media Board, 11 x 17".

It's official: Joe Quesada and I are working together! He answers questions about our 4-issue arc at Comic Book Resources.


  1. Congratz man! Your editor has some great things to say about you :-)

  2. Congrats Paolo. Awesome to see you getting the credit and higher profile you deserve. Looking forward to it.

  3. Very excited about this ( and I don't get excited by much these days ), and glad you were picked for the job by Joe Q. himself...

    Of course now that OMIT has been revealed, the true remaining mystery is whether you'll make it to France next week-end or not-- Damn volcano ashes!!!

  4. There it is.

    Congratulations Paolo "pleasure to work with" Rivera.

    Besides being a fan of your work, I think they made the perfect choice in picking an artist to compliment and evoke the original tale.

  5. Thanks, everybody! Now all I have to do is finish the darn thing. Quesada's been too kind to me from my earliest days at Marvel... glad I finally got to collaborate with him.

    Thomas, I don't know what to say about France. It's not looking good though. I'll probably have an official announcement tomorrow.

  6. Joe Q. is a great guy & talent. But no need to be modest, Paolo, he wouldn't have picked you for this story if he didn't think you would make his writing shine. But i'm sure you know this... ;)

    As for the travelling situation, I know your pain : my girlfriend is stuck in NYC too, and can't get over here (France) as planned ! We're booked to go to India from Paris right after the Valenciennes show, and I'm not even sure she'll even make it by then!
    ( All apologies, guys, that was not about OMIT ! )
    Keeping my fingers crossed though...

  7. I agree with Thomas - Joe Q IS a great guy.

    Congratulations sir. Looking forward to reading this.

    Also, thanks for the slow jam reference --

    Give meeee oneeeee moment innnnnn time....

  8. Sorry to hear that Thomas. I hope she can find her way back in time. As for me, I just got word that France is not going to happen (at least for me). While disappointed, I think this is for the best. I could really use the extra time. Maybe next year!

    "Joe Q," thanks for giving me a job.

  9. was there ever an actual cake top made? I have been looking high and low for a statue or cake top to use at our wedding. Any idea of where I could find such a thing?

  10. Michele, I'm afraid not. I based the painting on several different toppers, but none involved Spidey.


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