I Blame Mephisto

Monday, April 19, 2010

Biker Bad Guy. 2010. Pencil on bristol board, 11 x 17.25".

It looks as though I will not be going to France this weekend after all. While disappointed, I think this is actually for the best. I could certainly use the extra time to finish OMIT and have no doubt that the opportunity will come again. Although the Valenciennes convention organizer said the volcanic ash was to blame for all the flight cancellations, we all know who was really behind it (not to mention the dissolution of the Spider-Man marriage).

My apologies to all of you who have been so supportive of my trip. I'll make it to France some day, assuming no more volcanoes prevent me from doing so.


  1. ├ęchouer means "fail".
    Mr Joe is Mr. Negative ! ;)

    Sorry to hear you're not coming, but quite understandable.
    Plus, I'll guilt you into putting me on your sketch list at the NYCC in October. ! :)


  2. peut-etre cette annee prochaine...

    je peut respirer maintenant.

  3. Maintenant, je dois travailler!

  4. je crois que c'est une bonne chose.

    vous pouvais manger, dormir, et aller vers le "gym", sans guilt.

    le tour eiffel, et la louvre, sera toujours en place, je croix.

  5. je crois, not je croix!

    my bad.

  6. Also --

    Merci traducteur Google

  7. Google a dit, "Je vous en prie."

  8. Beautifully drawn figure, Paolo!

    Been admiring your work for a while :)

  9. Thanks, Andre. You may be seeing more of this guy in the future.

  10. 2Oh-la-la. Well, as the French say, That's Life. Cheers Nick (from Brighton UK)

  11. Is that what the French say, Nick? Funny, they say that 'round here too.


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