Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 81

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mythos: Captain America
page 20 (11" x 17"), panel 3
acrylic and gouache on bristol board

Continuing our look at last week's page, we focus now on panel 3. Although a relatively simple composition in terms of subject matter, I still felt it necessary to take reference photos to get it just right, particularly for the draped hat and coat.

You may notice that the final painting is from a higher perspective, but I didn't feel it warranted the time and effort necessary to shoot from that angle. Instead, I put the tripod (which you can see in the background below) at the highest setting and made do. Once I captured the information I needed, I simply "mapped" it onto the drawing I already had in mind.

You might also notice that I don't look like Captain America. As usual, my 1:4 scale maquette was there to help fill in the blanks.

The background is based on a staircase I photographed at the armory (the same one from last week, just a different area).

And finally, I happened to take a progress pic right after the gouache underpainting stage, so I thought I'd share. The first panel was done in black — as opposed to sepia, my typical choice — to create the cooler atmosphere of a rainy day.


  1. Its so fantastic to see your process. Incredible work and really inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your methods.

  2. It's my pleasure, Dave. Thanks for reading!


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