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Monday, November 2, 2009

Because you asked for it (well, two of you did), here are some pics of me as Spock on Halloween. Yes, that is my real hair — I had it cut on Friday night. Yes, I am battle-ravaged — the pointy ears I bought looked horrible, so I needed a viable excuse to cover them. I told everyone that Kirk beat me up after I gave him a funny look (I can't help it... my eyebrows are just like that). But don't worry, as you'll see below, we eventually resolved our differences.

Here I'm looking less Zachary Quinto and more Sacha Baron Cohen.

I went to my first burlesque show on Friday night at Galapagos Art Space. Lucky for me, they had a hallway that made for a great backdrop. Unlucky for me, Spock attracted a lot of attention and I was selected to be a "volunteer" for a "Sexual Fortune Telling." All I can say is that I hope no one took any photos.

Spock gets artsy.

On Halloween night, I went to a huge party in my 'hood only to find worlds colliding. Fortunately, my rival "Stars" were willing to pose for a photo.

I eventually ran into Kirk and we made amends over beer.

And, as it turns out, he was in the band.


  1. Just pretend three people asked, and I got my wish granted without even having to say anything ;-)

  2. Nice haircut...Hope seriously they will grow fast!;)
    Now all the readers of this blog will know that a Vulcanian can easily hold a beer even with a broken arm!;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gat-damn it Paolo, this is funny as hell! You make Sacha, and Zachary look like babies with that GUN SHOW Daaaaaamn! ;)

  4. Duly noted, Sarah!

    Salvo, no need to worry, the hair is already growing back! And drinking beer is easier than you think.

    Leia, thanks for the mad props, but even those guns weren't enough to keep me from getting battle-ravaged.

  5. Ha! That's awesome Paolo! I had a haircut like that back in the day. My Mom still has the picture.
    Looks like a great party...thanks for posting the photos!

  6. did u really cut your hair?....BRAVE!!!

  7. Sam, I think I did to. You can pull just about any look off when you're 5 and cute. Thanks for bearing with the photos. Glad you liked.

    Andrea, I went to a professional; I didn't actually cut it myself. That would've been brave.

  8. Ha! that's awesome. we were Jon and Kate for Halloween.

  9. Thanks, Janimal! I have only recently learned of this "Jon and Kate." Sometimes I like not having a TV.

  10. Cool. Now im realy suiting up as a science officer.


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