Big Apple Con 2009 Commissions

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here's one of my favorite commissions from last month's Big Apple Con. I call it Hungover Iron Man. This is how I spent most of October. Fortunately, November is shaping up quite nicely.

Also, just to keep everybody in the loop, I'm currently pencilling the second issue of my four-issue Amazin' Spider-Man arc, which I've just learned will be published starting in July of next year.


  1. Hey Paolo
    I wanted to say I'm a big fan of your work and I love the helpful stuff you put up here on your blog.
    I'm a fellow Marvel illustrator like yourself, you can check it out here:
    Painted or pencil and ink, it's always a pleasure looking at your stuff.


  2. The Marvels Project is looking like a fabulous journey traveling the jungle of bones, flesh, tissue...that anatomy is! and you got a awesome compass sense to go through the hardest aesthetic terrain on earth!
    Thanks for let us join you Paolo!
    ...ahh! I'm doing my backgrounds for some new work inspired by your brush work...if you got time come by!

  3. Great news about the ASM arc. Your approach to the book blends the qualities of some of the best Spidey-artists and throws in a little bit of Electric Company for pure, goofy, charm.

    I definitely look forward to seeing you continue to make your mark on the character.

  4. The Iron Man is a great piece. The eyes inside the helmet look great.

  5. Wes, thanks for the kind words! Very nice work, yourself. I really like the Guardians layout roughs... makes me want to ink mine (which I always like better than my pencils, anyway).

    Marco, glad you like the sketches. They were certainly a treat to do. I checked out your backgrounds and I'm really enjoying your use of color. Keep up the good work.

    Michael, you're not the first to bring up The Electric Company in reference to my work; though, I must admit, I barely remember the show.

    Thanks, Tim. I've always wanted to recreate the panel where Tony Stark dawns his red and gold armor for the first time, noting along the way how he has a psychological advantage if his opponents can see his eyes. I definitely need to look that up again.


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