(Sc)Avengers Assemble!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, our team, The Dark Knights, won Saturday's scavenger hunt, which was a superbly organized Met Museum romp, from a human pyramid in front of the Temple of Dendur to adding knights and steeds to the medieval armory display. There were claims of unfair advantage since three of our team members went to art school, but, for me, it was the many (many) hours I've spent in the Met sketching and wandering — it's probably my favorite place in the city. Although I was able to identify and locate a few works of art from memory (Lepage's Joan of Arc and Saint-Gaudens' Diana, for example), my "mad skills" were nicely offset by a brisk walk into a bench — not something I usually do. A little too focused, perhaps? Who knew I could move a stone bench so far using just my shin? It smarts still.

The accompanying sketches are from my many trips to the Met. I often find myself coming back to Degas' sculptures (previous posts here and here), but lately I've been trying to branch out. Photographs, convenient as they are, will not commit works of art to memory as well as a studied drawing.

In other news, this is my 400th post! As always, thank you for reading.


  1. 400 today! Thank you for the great posts. Cheers Nick

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  3. Hey Paolo congratulations on your 400th post. I just wanted to say thank you for all the information that you have shared and the community that you have built around the blog . It has ,without a doubt, made me a better artist. So here's to 400 more!

  4. Congratulations Paolo for this 400th post !!
    Im often reading your blog, and i still think "Oh AWESOME" !!
    ( and i know that Johanna do the same )


  5. Thanks, Nick!

    Ray, you are too kind. Thank you!

    Cécile, I didn't realize you read the blog. Thank you so much. I'll actually be coming to France in April of next year, so we'll have to keep in touch.

  6. Hi Paolo !
    It will be very cool to see you in France, i told it to Johanna too ! Send us an email to let us know when/what/how and if you will need a place to live or something else etc...

  7. Cécile, I'll definitely let you know once I finalize plans. I hope to spend a week, at the least.


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