Wolverine Wednesday

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wolverine by Paolo Rivera
Wacky Reference Wednesday? I don't think so—not today. How about Wolverine Wednesday?

I'd like to direct your attention to Jarreau Wimberly's blog which has just completed a year of Wolverine Wednesdays. To help him celebrate, I contributed a watercolor pin-up of the hirsute hero (featured above). Reau probably won't have all the images up until this evening, so consider this a small preview.

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone (once again) that we're only one week away from my signing at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan. Please stop by if you'd like to have me sign your copy of the Mythos hardcover, Amazing Spider-Man #577, or even Spectrum 15 (I've got 2 pieces in it this year!).

But if you can't make it to that, there's always the Big Apple Con, November 14-16. I'm even advertised on the home page (albeit with my name misspelled, but who cares, I'm in great company)!


  1. Thanks for posting that link to the Wolverine Wednesdays blog. I'm a big fan (in case you couldn't tell by my avitar). I wish he would have done more Samurai Logans, though.

  2. That would be cool for you to make a samurai wolverine paolo anyway. It would be interesting to see the tone and mood from color that you would give it.


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