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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Silver Surfer Studies by Paolo Rivera
There are times when I don't really know what I'm going to do next. For the purposes of this blog, I should probably limit this subject to image-making.

Pictured above are the 12 stages I took to produce the cover to a Silver Surfer comic from 2004. I wanted it to look "real," so I invested a good deal of time in researching chrome, culminating in the purchase of a plastic mask from a costume shop in the city (I'll save some of those pics for a future Wacky Reference Wednesday).

In reviewing my process four years later, I've realized how much I've changed in the way I approach things—mainly, I'm less concerned with so-called accuracy. My focus now is much more abstract, having more to do with design than texture or lighting effects. Those aspects are still important to me, they've just been superseded by a broader goal.

In addition, I don't usually make this many sketches anymore because, ultimately, they all say pretty much the same thing. Some may be better than others, true, but not significantly. In my current approach, there's still room for progressive iterations, but it's coupled with nagging skepticism about the net improvement.

I'm off to a wedding (not mine) and will get down to drawing some Wolverine on Monday (I've got my newest script). Next week is going to be huge! Have a great weekend, everyone.

1 comment :

  1. I admire the patience, and perfectionism, and the technique, and the result :)

    The chrome effect is great.

    Anyway, your pics of Silver surfer are my preferred of this character.


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