Black Friday

Friday, November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm still recovering from all the food and drink, but I thought I'd share a sketch from the Spidey story I'm working on right now.

Also, I'm not much of a shopper, but I did purchase this drafting tool, which I got in the mail today. It's called a parallel glider. Made by Alvin, it's much like the "roller ruler" I had when I was a kid, only better. It's made of acrylic and aluminum, resulting in a greater accuracy when drawing parallel lines, a typical requirement of perspective drawings. I'll get a chance to use it shortly, and I'll devote a post to it early next year.


  1. Another Spider-Man story? Oooh, draw me excited!

    Will this be for another Amazing Spider-Man issue you're drawing for or is this part of something that's 'hush-hush' at the moment?

    Either way, it looks really cool. :D

  2. Luis, this is from an 18 page story that will be part of Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #2, due in stores in January.

  3. Ahhh, SWEET!

    Even more reason to be excited for the comic.

    Thanks, Paolo.

  4. Logan reminds me of Zampanò from La Strada

  5. Connor,

    You're right! I had to look him up, but he's a dead ringer. Fellini's on my "to do" list... it's a long list.

  6. No way I could live without my rolling ruler. I use the Staedtler one feature it has is that it's got holes drilled every half inch or so along the edge which allows you to use it to draw vertical lines or giant arcs and cirlcles. Speaking of arcs, since you seem like an art gadget guy, google "arc ruler" I just picked one up on ebay after seeing a dvd where Syd Mead used it a lot.

  7. Michael, this one's got the holes too, though I tend not to use them that much. As for the arc ruler, I've seen them before—and I want one—but I probably wouldn't use it that often. Sure is cool, though.

  8. Yeah who knows if I'll ever use my arc ruler but it sure is cool ;) They go for $50 new but I got mine used (barely) on ebay for $10.. maybe Santa will bring you one.

  9. You're rolling ruler reminds me of the Weems and Plath rulers I used to use in the navy...

    I guess there's more art involved with navigation than most sailors would like to admit

  10. Justin,

    You're absolutely right. In fact, the 11-point dividers I use are made by Weems and Plath as well. Still need to do a post on how I use those...


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