Big Apple Con, November '08 Pin-Ups

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can't seem to keep quiet these days: I've got another interview this week, this time with Irene Gallo of Tor Books. Link

And below is a selection of pin-ups from the Big Apple Con.


  1. just wanted to say that i really liked your interview on "“Heroes, Villains, and Artists”.
    Your patience with your work is great and i really like your style.
    Looking forward to reading this blog with a fresh cup of coffee now =)

  2. LOVE the thing and iron man!!! wish i owned them! wait, i do!!! =)

    thanks again paolo!!

  3. those are really nice, especially the Thing. I'm jealous of anyone who can draw Ben Grimm even reasonably well, let alone as good as that. I can't draw him to save my life, and, believe me, I've been trying for most of my life!

    terrific blog you've got here, Paolo.

  4. Holy damn these are incredible! Love how detail in them as well as how nicely the shading and texture came out.

    -Luis C.


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