Cold, Hard Metal

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It got cold this week! Wolverine had better put on a jacket.

In other news, I spoke briefly with Brett White of Wizard Magazine about the newest issue of Spider-Man and my transition from paint to ink. I didn't say anything particularly earth-shattering, but you can find the interview here.

I also got myself an early Christmas present this week. This is an 11-point divider that I use to help me with perspective. It's so useful... but so expensive. I'll have to devote a post to its usage, but for now you can just marvel at it's shiny precision.

Have a great weekend... and stay warm!


  1. Yeesh...that thing looks like some architectural weapon that would be used against a dentist drill in battle. Where do you pick up a beast like that?

  2. Oh, that looks just wonderful! I really enjoy the new work in ink!

  3. Thanks for posting these perspective tools, I need to get one of these. As well as the one you posted previously..

    Best Jason

  4. Drew, that "beast" is from, which is the cheapest one I could find. They also sell them at most on-line drafting stores.

    Also, you could get a proportional divider for a little less money that would do the same thing—it would just take a little longer. I'll show how to use these in an in-depth post next month or January; I'm a little too busy at the moment.

  5. i want to see how this thing works.

  6. Kiji, I shall devote an entire post to it in January. But for now, I can say that it keeps things in proportion, no matter what the size.

  7. $179.00 - It's a hell-of-an-investment...I'm gonna have to sell my cat to buy it. Here kitty-kitty; here kitty-cat...


  8. Yeah, it's pretty pricey, and I don't use it as often as I used to, but I still love it... just like cats.


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