Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 32

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In this scene from Mythos: Captain America, Steve Rogers attends a veteran's reunion at his local VFW post. Below are some of the reference photos I used to complete the composition. Sometimes I use a mirror, sometimes a tripod and timer. One thing to watch out for when basing an illustration off of a reflection is to reverse any telling details, such as the the buttons on a coat (men's on the right, ladies on the left).

Months before I painted this, I saw a unique light fixture at a bowling alley in Brooklyn. I try to remember my camera for opportunities like this— I rarely have time to sketch.

In other news, I got my copy of Spectrum 15 in the mail. I was excited to see my entry, a page from Mythos: Fantastic Four, got the full-size treatment. Sweet. Now to gather up my entries for next year. The deadline is January 23.


  1. i knew it! the guy with the patch are you, jeje, cheers man!

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  3. Paolo, you sir, are awesome.

    We've met a couple times (twice in WWPhilly and once this past New York Comic Con).

    I am a huge fan of your work and collect everything you draw. I'm just utterly fascinated by your skills and the end work is just supremely beautiful.

    I was also wondering, is there still going to be two more Mythos issues? And if so, are you able to say who they will be about?

    And I'm definitely grabbing the Mythos HC. I can't wait to have it!

  4. Good eye, IhateDesign... although I must say that I've got a bad habit of making everyone look like me. Of course, it doesn't help that I use myself as a model for nearly every character.

    Luis, it's good to hear from you again. I'm afraid there won't be any more Mythos books, however. Iron Man and Daredevil were slated at one point, but we decided to end the series at Captain America, a total of 6 issues.

  5. Ahh, alright. Thanks for the answer.

    I will await your next work with eagerness.

    I am enjoying your posts, though, about how you've done these issues. Quite interesting, really. As someone who is working to be a writer in the future, that even helps me out.

  6. Hey Paolo, your art is amazing!

    I read the whole "step by step" of the Captain America Mythos and i enjoy it a lot! It is great that you decided to share your work process with us. I have just a question about it: How long does it takes you to do a full page like that?

    I invite you to visit my blog. I recently started publishing my work in the US and i would love to hear your opinion.

    Keep with your great work!

  7. Julian,
    My memory is a little hazy on that particular page, but I'm going to guess it took a full week (mainly because of that last panel). What I usually tell people is that I average 6 pages a month.

    Great work, by the way. You've managed to use Painter in a convincing manner (no small feat). Nice sense of design too!


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