Happy Birthday (?) to Me

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today, I turn 10,000 days old. I never thought I would've made it, yet here I am. And yes, I counted leap years... and you can too. I'm celebrating by sharing this pin-up I did for a friend of mine in my "new" style. I used watercolors to paint it, which worked surprisingly well over inks.

While we're celebrating in general, we should also wish my parents happy birthdays, both of whom turned 20,000 days old earlier this year. If you've ever been curious about my Mom (and I know I have) then you should check out her blog, COLOR informal. And if you're feeling particularly voyeuristic today, then you should take a photo tour of the Florida house I grew up in. My Mom took some great photos that reveal what a freakishly crafty family I come from.

Upon looking up the exact meaning of "rend" I decided to change it to "bend" which makes much more sense. I love white out.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm going rafting!


  1. Awesome stuff Paolo, I love the paint but your facility with brush work really does something special on the ink work for the 'new style'. Happy Birthday!

  2. The color really makes it pop. Loved the look at your mom's house. I live in Daytona... Port Orange, actually. How long ago did you live here?

  3. maybe i can increase the traffic from the middle-age mothers today, but i'm not certain that sitemeter categorizes...
    happy birthdays to all, and have fun rafting!

    from, the mom

    ps. ask your anonymous assistant blogger to link it to her mom!

  4. I am so stoked for your 'new style' to hit the stands!

  5. Ha ha ha, happy 10,000th! And yea, your parents seem cool as hell! Dude, your MOM has a BLOG. And I want that house, it's so built for an artist. Accept it's way to clean to be any of our homes.

  6. Thanks, everybody.

    Craig, I was born and raised in Daytona Beach, but haven't really lived there that much since 1999. I still try and visit at least twice a year.

  7. i am glad that Virgina posted a comment on my blog, otherwise i would not have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful blog that she has and your house... Oh boy.. that is so COOL. The genes are working overtime. Congratulations.
    And being an artist at MARVEL..SUPER COOL raised to infinity.

  8. wow, your mom's house is totally lovely! what great taste. creativity is in the genes...


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