Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 12

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You may remember this cover from an earlier post. Well, I saw the issue in the store on Monday, so I thought it would be a good candidate for Wacky Reference. I thought it reproduced quite nicely, which is unusual.

Nice hair!

And this is just a random progress pic while painting the cover. You can see that I'm utilizing my magnetic push-pins to hold my reference in place.

Also, in the latest "Paolo News," I had a jury summons on Monday. Fortunately for me — and almost everyone there — the cases for the day all had plea deals or were dismissed. We were let out in time for lunch! And the wheels of justice keep turning.

One more thing, in case you haven't noticed, I was misinformed about the publication date for Mythos: Captain America. It's been out for a week now, so hopefully you can still find a copy. Of course, there are no more copies left in South Daytona, FL — I bought the last one. I was also told the issue was "lousy" as I was buying it. I encourage you to form your own opinion.


  1. Lousy?! No Way! While I think that Jenkins had a harder time finding something in Cap's over visited and explained origin to really make it a great as some of the others, I thought it was a real gas.

    I loved the colors for caps old shield. I wish I had the page with him leaning over the mass grave, one of my favorite panels ever.

    The whole thing was quite good. I especially liked the end when cap is talking with the vet. Really Classy.

    Enough gushing.

  2. Shouldn't you have worn a skirt for that reference?

  3. Captain America was great!

    I was NOT expecting the Avengers to show up, so seeing them was great! The art on them was amazing!! Any chance of a couple of sneak peaks at it? :)

    Oh man, I'd love to see a Mythos: avengers ... oh well!

    Was this issue all painted acryla in colour? Or natural + digital for colour?

    At any rate, the art at least most definitely blew me away, definitely worth the effort, time and work ;)

  4. Yes, Christina, a skirt would've been better but Reid had borrowed mine.


    The Cap issue is all gouache and acryla gouache. I'll go into further detail about why the combo in a future post. And that Avengers spread will eventually be the subject of some wacky reference... probably the most embarrassing pics yet.

  5. Not only did he say "lousy", he said "they don't sell" and only "tourists" buy them.

    I think he was trying to say: "nothing sold" (ever). Poor guy.

  6. and, all the "tourists" were relatives.


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