Chip Kidd

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Have you ever wondered where all the great comic art goes? It turns out that most of it is owned by Chip Kidd.

Thanks to SCAD's John Lowe, I was part of a small group invited to Chip Kidd's apartment a few weeks ago. The place turned out to be a gallery dedicated to some of my favorite artists. Mr. Kidd was kind enough to let us take photos... and my girlfriend was kind enough to take those photos for me. Here are just a few of the amazing works we saw while there.

That's John Lowe (I call him J-Lo) in the main hallway doing some kind of gang sign. The display case on the right is a basically a Chris Ware shrine, housing everything from paper dolls to sculptures.

This is the rejected cover to Bizarro Comics by Daniel Clowes. This is the first thing that caught my eye upon entering. Why didn't DC go with it? It was probably too good... they had to hold back.

A couple of Alex Ross classics...

A Chris Ware personal commission featuring a Batman "non-posable character toy." Above that is a set design from the 60's Batman TV show.

Finally, I had to end with this Alex Ross cover to Kingdom Come #3. I bought this issue before I could drive, let alone paint, so please forgive me if I got a little nostalgic staring at it.

A huge thanks goes out to Mr. Kidd for being such a great host, not to mention getting us out of the rain.


  1. When I saw Chip Kidd speak a few months back, I kinda figured him to be a big comic book fan. But that just blows the mind.

    I wonder what John was doing up in NY anyway? He always seems to pop up in the most random locations.

  2. John had a group of SCAD students with him to check out NYC and all it has to offer. That included a studio visit to my apartment (which they did last year as well). Unfortunately, my vast art collection tends to focus on just one creator... but I'm working to change that.


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