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Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday! I'm running a little behind, so no step-by-step today, but I've got other news. This past weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con, it was officially announced that I have re-upped (is that a word?) with Marvel Comics. My 3-year contract ended earlier this year, but we both agreed that I've got plenty more to do. I started freelancing for them back in 2002, just before my senior year at RISD, and have been happy since.

But that's not all. As I've been hinting at the past few weeks, I will no longer be painting sequential art. I'll still be painting covers, but my comic work will be black and white with digital color. The hope is that I will be able to produce pages on a more regular basis, thus allowing me to work on bigger stories.

Pictured above is my first cover in the "new" style. I will also be doing the interiors, though I'll leave the coloring up to others for the time being. Have you guys heard of The Amazing Spider-Man?


  1. Wow, that look GREAT!

    Now just try to get work for an Invaders mini or something.


  2. Re-upped is definately a word! Good Job! I can't wait to your name in the bigger stories!!

  3. Your inks are a lot sharper than I expected. Looks good.

    So do you think you'll be happy leaving the colors up to someone else after having complete control of everthing for such a long time? I don't guess you'll have any input on who colors your stuff, will you?

  4. Thanks, guys.


    I'm not sure who will be coloring me just yet, but they are including me in the search, which I appreciate.

  5. hi!! thats some really great news but still im a little bit dissapointing abot the interiors of the coomics because they are aweasome!!!!but whatever...
    oo and a question did your run in the Amazing Spiderman will be before or after the run of John Romita Jr run..????

    Seeya !!!

  6. Congrats Paolo! May you continue living the dream at Marvel for as long as you want. The ink stuff looks great too.

  7. Sociedad...

    I'm not sure when JR Jr's run begins, but my issue will be #577.


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