Book Stand

Friday, July 11, 2008

This is another one of my favorite purchases. It's not my most glamorous tool, but it gets used every single day. This acts as a second set of hands, enabling my first set to do more engaging things (like paint). It can hold a book of almost any size open to the right page with minimal adjustment. However, I most often use it in conjunction with my spare magnet board which holds all of my reference in place.

Here's the stand in "action" next to my easel. You can also see page 13 of Mythos: Captain America in it's unfinished stage.

In addition, the stand folds flat and can be transported in a 3-ring binder. Because of this feature, I now bring it to all of my conventions to hold my portfolio.

Link: Book Stand


  1. OMG! When will the pages from Cap Mythos be available. I have to get one with Cap and Red Skull.

  2. Paolo, thanks for always posting your methods and tools. A lot of artist's are afraid of revealing their secrets and methods and never pass on their wealth of knowledge. I think the best artist's are those who constantly evolve and remain open to share with everyone, because their is an infinite supply for everybody. I don't know much about you, but from what I see on your blog you're a very talented artist and generous soul, thanks a lot man. I dig reading your blog and seeing what you're creating.


    P.S. I just bought one of those book stands and magnetic boards and can't wait to set it up:)

  3. Tim, the Cap pages will be on sale shortly. Any preliminary inquiries can be made at Splash Page Comic Art. Unfortunately, that particular page has already been reserved by the writer, Paul Jenkins, who said I couldn't sell to anyone else.

    Jeremy, thanks for reading... and the nice comments. I hope those tools serve you well.

  4. i love to see how you work. you inspire me alot. hope to see you in a convention soon.


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