Mythos: Cap, Step by Step, Part 3

Thursday, July 31, 2008

More painting! I'm in the thick of it here, just going from panel to panel and covering up the white of the paper.

The last two panels are more complicated and thus require an extra step: underpainting. This is done in a dark grey gouache (Holbein's Grey No. 3 to be exact) and is treated like watercolor, meaning a range of values is achieved through the modulation of water content. This stage will act as the infrastructure onto which I will add color later on.

You can also see some of the reference that goes into a panel like this. If I can't draw something convincingly, then I usually find reference for it.

Here I am neglecting the venetian blinds in the fifth panel. Moving right along...

This is my big secret from the last panel. Since the next scene takes place over 4 pages, I went ahead and constructed the setting in Sketchup. This made staging and composition much easier, not to mention perspective. It's made out of very basic shapes, then populated with imported objects from Sketchup's 3D warehouse.

This is an amazing resource, but please, please, please, use it with care. Without a solid foundation in good ol' pencil and ruler perspective, 3D programs can lead to unnatural distortions that look out of place in a drawing.

Next week: Finishing up.

Update: Part 4


  1. My friend and I would like to know if you have to seal the monochrome underpainting before you add color.

    do you do you?

  2. Honey,

    In a word, "No." In a few more words, check out Part 4.

  3. Neat! Thanks for the whole post about it!

  4. Fantastic to watch you work. Showcases how good you are. Nothing better then learning the secrets and techniques of seasoned pro's like yourself. Great for people just getting into drawing and a great refresher course as well as great suggestions for someone like myself who has been painting for decades. keep up the great work.


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