Young Allies Inks

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm finally done with inking Young Allies, so now I've got the weekend to color the book. I've got a lot done already, thanks to my assistant, Orpheus, who just graduated from MICA. Congratulations, sir!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Hello, my name is Jose Baixauli and I am a great admirer and follower of his(her,your) work. I see that though his(her,your) previous c├│mics were painted directly, now deriving this one towards a style ended only in outline of ink. A haughty work, which it(he,she) me brings to the memory(report) to artists as Milton Caniff, Alex Toth, or even the first David Mazzuchelli. Congratulation for his(her,your) work.
    Http: // This one is an automatic translation of the Spanish.

  2. Thanks, guys! The book should be out this Wednesday. In the meantime, there's a preview at Comic Book Resources.


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