Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 57

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I bought a few new toys to help me with the Young Allies issue, a motorcycle and a Thompson sub-machine gun among them. I always prefer a 3D model (real or computer generated) to photographs. It's especially nice when they're small enough to hold in one hand and draw with the other (the gun is 1:6 scale and the bike is 1:18). I use these in conjunction with on-line photo reference for smaller details or, in this case, to add a sidecar.

A tangible model also gives me something on which to anchor my point of view, as in the panel below, which I posted previously. Once I've got a motorcycle in front of me, it's easier to imagine the people interacting with it and the environment in which they exist.


  1. Those are some pretty sweet toys indeed!

    I'd actually like to know where you found that bike...I certainly know I could use at least a car or two at that scale...

  2. I got everything off of ebay, sometimes from international sellers. Fortunately, much of what I need is small, so shipping is pretty cheap. With the 1:6 scale accessories, there are dealers who specialize in it.


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