Spidey Sketch

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Character Study Sheet (Spider-Man detail). 2010.
Pencil on bristol board, 11 x 17.25".


  1. I like all of the excess web curling around his hand. Awesome!

  2. i never thought i'd say this....but spidey's ass has never looked so good!

  3. Love it - great seeing your sketches these past two entries.

    Oh, and O.M.I.T!?!

    Somehow tied to ASM and Venom and the mystery writer, perhaps?

    I NEVER would have guessed Joe Q if these two things (your next ASM run and OMIT) turn out to be the same thing.

    Seriously man, I know Marvel already appreciates your talents but I am so excited for you and for comics that you're working on this level.

  4. Michael, all I can say is that I share a last name with the person on that promo. Could be one of my parents...

  5. Heh, sorry, I wasn't fishing for more info.

    Very talented family you have there.

  6. Just checked... neither one of them.


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