Comic Book Artist?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My dad told me about this commercial and I had to look it up. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's an actor playing a comic book artist, taking "Wacky Reference" with his Samsung phone. Despite the comments I've seen on various sites, I don't think it's any artist I know, nor is it artwork I recognize. But, as my roommate said, whoever did do it probably got paid a lot more than a comic book artist. Knowing the industry fairly well, I can already see a backlash coming if this is, indeed, a fake. Still, I think it's a great idea (but I would probably qualify as biased).


  1. it kind of looks a little jae lee-esque

  2. Yeah, whoever did it was probably looking at Lee's work. But it's not him (I just asked to make sure).

  3. I said the same thing Paolo when my family and I saw it on TV and they asked me who that was.

    He screamed "I'm an actor" and the artwork isn't anything I'm familiar with.

    I loved the idea like you said, quite an eye-catching ad and I actually thought of your Wacky References (and references in general) when I saw it. The whole thing is really authentic feeling and only fellow artists will appreciate everything about it, I think for us it really elevates the ad into enjoyment.

  4. The art is actually Jae Lee's. Yahoo Answers.

  5. It was supposed to be Ben Templesmith, but he had to turn it down for whatever reason.

    That makes me think that is an actual comic book artist. I've read it was C.P. Smith (Wolverine: Noir). I also read that Samsung Mobile was not allowed to release the person's name, although I don't know why that would be.

  6. Ha ha, yea, I was talking to my girlfriend about this. Definitely an actor in my op(despite comments to the contrary). Ha ha, they should've gotten Aleksi Briclot or Marko Djurdjevic or something, they're both just naturally much cooler than the guy they got. And their art makes the art they used look like kindergarten art. :-P

  7. Narco, you can't believe everything you read on the internet! I do believe Jae Lee, however, and he told me he didn't do it (I asked as a formality). Now whether you believe me is a different story.

    Neil, where did you get your info? I've met Ben before, but I'm not familiar with Smith.

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Let me know if you hear anything else. I'm curious, as I'm sure you can tell.

  8. I follow Ben on twitter and he mentioned it there. Figures you would know him since you're both with Splash Page Comic Art.

    As for the rest of the info, I found it in the coments section here:

    "samsungmobileusa: in regards to the cartoon. it is all original. unfortunately we cannot release the name of the artist."

    "Idlewood: The artist is C.P. Smith"

    I couldn't confirm anything because I cannot find a picture or blog or anything directly from CP Smith. I have no idea what the guy looks like.

  9. Haha I saw this commercial too and I'd say he is an actor.

    And yes that is how every artist takes their photo reference, dressing up like Frank Miller in a mysterious trench coat and fedora hat!

  10. Yep, the mystery persists. I think enough people are talking about it now that we'll find out soon enough. If anything, it was a great commercial because it got people talking.

    And yes, Manny, that's always how I dress when I take reference. The only way it could've been more authentic was if he was taking pics of himself dressed like that.

  11. Yep, that seems to be the consensus, Timm. I still wish they had used the actual artist in the commercial, but I guess they know what they are doing.


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