Chance of Hale

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Phil Hale. the poet must get his weeping done with.
2000. Oil on linen, 54 x 70".

I had the privilege of meeting Phil Hale, quite possibly my favorite painter, at the San Diego Comic Con in 2006. It was all thanks to Josh Adams, who was kind enough to bring him by my art dealer's booth. I bring this up because I recently saw this painting featured on David Apatoff's fantastic blog, Illustration Art, and it brought back memories from art school.

In my painting classes sophomore year, we were required to paint a master copy by a painter of our choice. I, of course, chose Hale during my second semester (Odd Nerdrum, the first) and was able to dig up some old jpegs of my attempt. I apologize for the poor quality—I've learned a thing or two about photography since the early '00s and technology has come a long way as well. The original resides at my parents' house in Florida... and there it shall stay in all its unfinished glory.

Phil Hale Copy. 2001. Oil on illustration board, 18 x 24".


  1. When I first saw your oil paintings Paolo, they reminded me of Phil Hale's work. I first saw his paintings in Spectrum 14 or 13 I think, and I was instantly hooked. He has such a startling realism and in-your-face dynamic action in his paintings, like the one you did. (I think I read that he named that recurring character "johnny Badhair") I've still haven't gotten the opportunity to try oil painting, but every time I see Phil's work it makes me want to start. It must've been awesome to meet the guy!

  2. Francis BoncalesMonday, March 08, 2010

    that is great stuff! who did you have for painting? I had to do the same thing for Jean Blackburn's class!

  3. Hale is incredible. Rivera too though ;)

  4. Thanks, Maw! It's all yours.

    Evan, I first came across his work in a Communication Arts magazine, but Spectrum is where I really started to become obsessed. It truly was an honor to meet him.

    Francis: thanks! I had Cathy Hamilton and Tony Janello for painting.

    Alejandro: you are too kind!


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