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Monday, March 15, 2010

15th Birthday Party Invitation. 1996. Photocopies,
Expresso Pen, and Sharpie on copy paper, 11 x 17".

... they want their birthday invitation back! In celebration of my 29th birthday (today), here's my party invite from 14 years ago. I've only got one more year to be in my 20s, so it's time to get crazy (after I hit all my deadlines, of course)!

There are only 3 (and a half) original drawings on that bustling, crowded composition: the musical chair, the Tick (on the right) and the cat. If I remember correctly, the cat belonged to some girl I was trying to impress. While I'm sure she was very happy with it, things did not pan out the way I had hoped.

Sadly, I haven't matured much since then.


  1. Wow - flashback city.

    Thanks for sharing Paolo.

    Somehow never pegged you for a Venom guy but then I realized you must have been reading him at the right age and the right time...

    Here's hoping there's also a little Anti-Venom in your future, a pretty cool contemporary character design, IMHO.

  2. Francis BoncalesMonday, March 15, 2010

    Happy Birthday Paolo! WOW you were amazing back then too! And i can relate to you about the women folk! haha

  3. Happy Birthday P.Lo... from your uncle Mark in London! Like a fine wine, you seem to only get better with age. I'm a regular follower of your blog...truly impressive stuff! Not only the art, but your skillful 'painting with words' on a variety of complex subjects... which I'm certain anyone who follows your work appreciates!

    Enjoy the day... and the last of your 20's (wow!)... and, schedule permitting, I'll try and get over to see you when you're in France later this year.

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  5. Hope you have a happy birthday - seeing that invite was also a pleasant reminder that you've made it in your chosen field.

    Thanks for continuing to hone your craft and bring your talent to the page.

    Comics are richer for it.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Mimi, Maw, Maman

  7. Hey! Happy B-day Paolo!
    Have fun!

  8. Happy birthday Paolo, hope your b-day is a blast!
    congrats from me and everybody on the Conley side of the family.

  9. hahaha don't ever mature too much you're hilarious! Happy Birthday Paolo!

  10. Happy birthday, Paolo! I love these glimpses into your high school work!

  11. Hey, happy birthday Paolo! Same day as my sisters Bday actually... oh man, I should call her. Anyways, have a good one, I'll be sending some new stuff soon.

  12. Thanks so much, everybody! 'Twas a great day with great food and fancy desserts. Come to think of it, I don't think I made any art today... just ate, drank, and answered e-mails. I'll play catch-up tomorrow.

    Uncle Mark, I sure hope your schedule allows a visit. It's been way too long and I owe you a drink, at the very least!

    Maw, as always, thanks for pushing!


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