Moleskine—Airport Sketches

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Airport Sketches. 2009. Pencil on paper (Moleskine Sketchbook), 7 x 5.5".

I celebrated my birthday last night by going to the Westside Rifle and Pistol Range and unloading 50 rounds into 2 pieces of paper. I wore my Punisher t-shirt. It was fun.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Punishe...., I mean, Paolo!! Awesome airport sketches!

  2. Nice sketches. Happy Birthday man

  3. Very cool sketches, and what a way to spend a birthday! I suppose going out to the range won't be the same without the punisher shirt.

  4. Just yesterday I listened to your awesome Sidebar interview. Great stuff, and very insightful for art students like me - just like this blog. :)

    Happy birthday!

  5. Hi Paolo.
    You are the great!!!!
    I would like you.. take at some of my artwork and if possible, get some advice.. ^ ^

    see you form Italy

  6. Haha that is a great way to celebrate! youre awesome paolo! and I LOVE airport sketching. so much fun and to pass the time!

  7. Clean3d, thanks for stopping by. Sidebar is a great resource, so be sure to check out all the interviews. I always listen while I draw.

    Flo: Thanks! I checked out your blog and you've got some nice work there. I don't have time for a full critique, but if you have a single piece you're having problems with, feel free to e-mail me a jpeg.

    Francis: thanks so much. I hope to post some more of these (subway sketches too) in the coming months.


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