Secondary Characters

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So many cool projects going on... and I can't reveal any of them yet. So you'll have to make due with some old sketches for the time being. Pictured above is a series of character studies for my last Spidey issue. They were just some secondary characters, but I had to solidify their likenesses in my mind before I drew them in the story.

And this was one of the Books of Doom sketches that we didn't go with. It would be a straight-up royal portrait, painted in an appropriately lavish style. Might find another excuse for it some day.

This is another jam-packed week: My lecture is this Wednesday and the New York Comic Con begins on Friday. I'll be at table D16 in Artist Alley. I hope to see you there.


  1. Great drawings. This is a great blog. Love your brushwork on these sketches

  2. Cool stuff as usual. It'll be my first time going to the con at NY, so hopefully it'll be fun.

    See ya there!


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