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Monday, February 23, 2009

Late last year, I purchased a portfolio to hold my original art. I was initially very happy with the purchase, but the shoulder strap proved to be a supreme nuisance, as it kept unhooking from the main body (often when I was walking, once while in an airport).

I tried to fix it. It broke. My girlfriend had a spare. Then the main body connector broke (again, while walking). A little frustrated, I went to the manufacturer's web site and submitted my claim. I got a call less than an hour later (while folding laundry) asking for my shipping address. I had a replacement before the end of the week.

I have the 14" x 18" model (that's the larger version pictured above), which is perfectly sized for a portfolio of 11" x 17" comic pages. That leaves just enough room for a small camera, iPod, and a stack of business cards. I can even fit my Wacom tablet inside.

Perhaps I just got a dud the first time around, but I'm very satisfied now, not to mention impressed by Martin Universal Design's customer service. I bought mine from Dick Blick ($25 as I write), though it may be cheaper elsewhere.


  1. Haha Thats actually funny because NOPE Its not a dud. I bought the 11x17 one 2 years ago at Dick Blick, the one on Bond St. and I had the same problem with the strap eventually I wound up attaching a strap from another travel bag and it worked out just fine. Yeah it pops right off when your walking in the streets its nuts! Hmm I should check out and see if Im eligible for a claim.

  2. Huh... that's too funny. The problem might be more common than I thought. The one they sent me seems to be in good condition, though.


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