Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 42

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I finally picked up the my latest issue of Spidey today. I was kind of shocked at how dark it was. I thought I had worked all the bugs out of color reproduction, but I guess computer color is a different ballgame. Oh well. I also spent most of the day going from comic shop to comic shop and passing out postcards for my lecture. I sure hope people show up. At least my girlfriend said she'll be there. And her mom. No pressure.

Without further adieu, here's me acting drunk:


  1. acting?

    hahaha -walsh

  2. stupid question but are you making sure to be painting in cmyk as opposed to rgb?

  3. This time, Walsh. This time.

    Roderick, that's the first thing I always check. In fact, I'm planning to do a post devoted to the conversion process. The main problem is that comic book printing is cheap and, therefore, unpredictable. My cover to ASM 577 came out perfectly using all of the same settings. Who knows...

  4. sounds possibly like a printer problem then. Printers are finicky mistresses.

  5. Well, I have only seen it online, but I love the colours in this issue. I love how Spidey's costume just screams those deep blue and strong red colours and I also thought that making it all so dark was very stylish. I mean, I prefer this to 90% of other computer colouring in Marvel any day of the week. Keep it up, love your work.

  6. Why pretend? you could've just used photo reference as an excuse to celebrate something. haha. Though pictures would probably would've turned out blurry..

  7. I loved how dark it was! Not only the colour...the shot of Logan behind the bar growling and his face covered in shadow..awesome..also Spidey above the door after he snatches the shotgun...wicked...

  8. guess I have a reason to rock the comic shop this week . Congrads on the great issue. I also saw your pieces at eh Society of Illustrators while I was in NYC and they were awesome . Keep up the phenomenal work Mr.Rivera ( sorry my hispanic upbringing requires that I call you that until you say otherwise)

  9. Hey Paolo, I've been loving your Spidey work. You're the first artist in ages to capture both the quirky and creepy sides to the design.

    Shame about the printing snafu. I agree that it actually looked good in certain scenes but it was clearly an overall color issue.

    I'm normally designing for screen and I'd be interested to learn more about what goes into cmyk conversion for print.

    BTW - I live in Park Slope and only now noticed that you had a lecture last night at the library. How did it go?

    All my best, I'll look for you at the Con.

  10. Thanks, guys. Glad you liked the issue.

    And Ray, you're officially free to call me Paolo.


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