NYCC 2009 Is History

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you, thank you! There was an overwhelming amount of kind words and good cheer this year and I really appreciate the support. The convention was as busy as ever, leaving me precious little time to attempt commissions. And if that were not enough, the number of daily blog readers has doubled in the last week. Thanks for reading — I hope to earn your time in the coming year.

I had originally hoped to complete one commission per hour on Friday, but I only managed to get two finished over the course of the day. This pattern continued for the rest of the weekend, precluding any new additions to the commissions list. The head studies pictured here are some of the ones that made the cut. I apologize if any of you were not able to get on the list. My next show will most likely be Philly, in June.


  1. Incredible. Those are sweet headshots. The Hobgoblin shot looks especially sweet.

  2. Thank you so much for the astonishing phoenix head this year.

    I´m thinking about a full figure the next year due to the quality only in the head.

    I´ll try to scan it and it to you, if you want.

    Greats form Spain

  3. Thanks, Luis!

    Saniest, thank you for the commission. I've got a photo of the piece, so I'll probably post it this week or next.


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