RISD Lecture

Thursday, January 29, 2009

First of all, I made it onto Lines and Colors, one of my favorite blogs. It was a very nice e-mail to come home to after a very long day. Thank you to Mr. Parker for helping to promote my upcoming lecture. It is truly an honor.

Thursday was busy. It was one of those day where you don't realize how much you've packed into your schedule until you take your shoes off upon entering your home. I had the privilege of accompanying my roommate, R. Kikuo Johnson, to the Rhode Island School of Design (where we originally met). He is currently teaching a wintersession comics class and invited me to give a lecture and demonstration, which was a wonderful experience. The kids (mostly freshmen) were eager and talented, and seemed to really enjoy the class. Because of the intimate environment, the small group also served as a sounding board for my talk on color, which I'm still composing.

Included in my slideshow was the above image, something I completed at the same point in my life: wintersession of my freshmen year (a whopping 9 years ago). The heavily Photoshopped illustration was the first thing I did for Jim Krueger, who put a lot of faith in me very early on. I actually just talked to him just the other day and am looking forward to seeing him again at the New York Comic Con.


  1. Maybe I'm remembering this wrong, but isn't the chick who is getting healed my roommate Vicky? It looks just like her.

    (My verification word is "dookeei." *Snicker*)

  2. Christina, you are absolutely right! I probably still have the photo reference somewhere. There are some other familiar faces in there as well. Recognize anybody else?

  3. Snejina (sp?) on the far left and your freshman year roomie (gah, I can't recall his name, I want to say Jeremy) on the right. I feel like a weenie for not remembering exactly, but of course I remember that Vicky said he looked like Ricky Martin. Correct me if I'm wrong!

  4. You are right on all accounts. It's Anthony, by the way, and yes, as soon as I met him, I thought he looked like Ricky Martin.


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