Happy MLK day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This just in: New York is still cold. I think from now on I'll just post a drawing of Spider-Man in the cold every week. Maybe not.

In other news, I got to use my new palette for the first time last week. It's the same old palette as before, but bigger and better. This model comes with a separate section for storing paint in resealable cups, not to mention water.

And thanks to all of you who braved the cold on Friday night to see the Sequential exhibition. I had a great time... hope you did too.


  1. your pieces looked amazing, and they were in good company! It was great seeing you there.

  2. It was great seeing you guys too!

    Congrats on the show.

  3. Niiiice. Your pages look better and more vibrant in the frames.

    Also, a picture of a cold Spider-Man every week would be hilarious. :P

  4. Saw your pages at the show and was truly impressed. Wish I could've met you though.


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