Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good morning! It's actually almost 11PM but I only woke up a couple hours ago, having stayed up all night to finish my latest project. In stores January 28th, Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #2 features an 18 page story by Zeb Wells and myself. It's my first crack at coloring my own art (aside from painting), so I hope you'll enjoy it.

I'd also like to thank my roommate, Steve, for keeping me alive with quick, but delicious meals, allowing me to work furiously for 8 days straight. Thanks to my girlfriend, April, for understanding that we'll be celebrating her birthday a few days after the fact. And, last but not least, my former intern, Orpheus, without whose help I wouldn't have met my deadline — literally. This guy prepped most of my color files (even while taking a trip to Costa Rica, no less).

Happy New Year, by the way. Haven't had a chance to really take it in yet. I've got a bunch of exciting projects coming up, including a whole host of the coolest cover assignments I've ever gotten. In addition, there's a pro bono gig that I'm dying to tell you all about — but I don't want to jinx it. All I'll say for now is that it's not for Marvel.

On the commissions front, I'll try to get a couple done this month, but there's no guarantee. Between an upcoming lecture (more on that later), the New York Comic Con, and a visit to my alma mater, the beginning of the year is looking jam-packed.

As always, thank you for reading... and all the positive comments. You can make negative ones, too! I promise I won't cry (in front of you).


  1. congrats! now onto my commission! yay! =)

    happy new year to you as well!

  2. Great Job!! Thank you for mentioning Amazing Spider-man: Extra now I can go ahead and order it!!

  3. can't wait to see it on the shelf

  4. Congrats on getting things done! I think that it's pretty crazy that your deadlines are so close to the printing of the books. I honestly don't understand why Marvel and DC don't have more lead time on their seems like a recipe for disaster (and missed deadlines) since not every artist is willing to put his life on hold to get things done on time.

  5. Michael, that has bothered me since I started working at Marvel, but much of it involves being honest with yourself as an artist. If I can't finish something in the time allotted, I tell them to find someone else. That was very difficult for me in the beginning. In this case, I would've had more time had I not taken 10 days off for the holidays.


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