Happy 200th!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well, this is it — my 200th post! I don't have anything special planned, but I suppose I've got an announcement:

Tomorrow night is the Sequential Opening at the Society of Illustrators. I've got 4 pieces in the show, all framed and shiny (with refreshments to boot). Info:

Society of Illustrators

Illustrators 51: Sequential Category
Friday, January 16th , 2009
6:00 - 9:00PM

And just a friendly reminder: only one week until the Spectrum deadline. Submit!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 200! You have done a wonderful job of creating interest on your blog with your Wacky Reference Wednesdays and your frequent postings of art...this one of Iron Man and the Hulk is great!

  2. 200, impressive.

    society of illustrators...congratulations, enjoy, and stay warm.

  3. This was the most impressive page(s) of Captain America! Great to see it in high res. Would love to see her whole! The inbetween-phase photos were already pretty awesome.


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