Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 76

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Young Allies Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1, page 16, panels 3-5 (2009)
Pelikan Drawing Ink A on Marvel Board, Photoshop color

I recall having a bit of trouble with this pose; it took me more than a few tries to get it just right. The main problem was with the hands grasping each other, but there was no one around to exploit as a model (besides myself).


  1. Fantastic page, the layout is nice.

    Interesting as always the ref part...do you have a person taking pics of you?

  2. Nope... just my camera on a tripod (and a little trial and error.)

  3. heh, funny , and all this time i thought you set yourself on fire to get reference like that .....

    actually on a serious note : are you still lighting models and people when you work more graphically or is it not as much of a concern?

  4. Ray, the lighting really isn't much of a concern at this point. The main thing I'm interested in is anatomy and gesture. Painting is where I really need the help.

  5. Nice solution to the complicated anatomy and angle.

  6. Thanks, Michael. Eventually, I'll feature the reference from the other 2 panels. Although they had far more figures, nobody was doing anything that complicated.


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