I Don't "Tweet," But...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because my editor, Steve Wacker, is "tweeting" all day today, you get to see some art in it's early stages. The digital color study above is something I just finished today and will soon be a finished cover. You can follow his entire day at Newsarama.


  1. and it looks it will be a great cover!

    i'm so glad to have stumbled to your beautiful art blog :)

  2. That's a fantastic cover design. For some reason, I really love the idea of using white as a design element on covers, especially when it's that graphic. That Indiana Jones style pulp title is pretty slick too.

    Is this just cover work, or will you also be doing the interiors?

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Drew, I'm just doing the covers for this one, but it's the first of 3. Interiors-wise, I'm working on 4 issues of Amazing Spider-Man.

  4. Really looking forward to those Spidey issues - especially your team-up with a mystery writer...

  5. Thanks, Michael. I think it may be a shock when the news hits... but it won't be public for months.


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