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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey there! Past Paolo here, blogging from last Wednesday evening. If my life is going as I have so carefully planned it, I should be living it up in Savannah. Here are the first 2 (of 16) head shots from last weekend's convention at Pier 94. Have a great weekend!


  1. That there Wolverine looks like the package art for a "GI JOE: Wolverine" action toy, in some other reality. Evocative and cool.

  2. I love the Black Cat's hair!

  3. Paolo thank you for the Captain America piece you did for me on the Marvel Projects cover. It was the first comic I've ever sent to get graded. Oh and thank for giving Dardevil his nostrils =)

  4. Thanks to gave us the workshop on SCAD! were awesome!

  5. Thanks, everybody.

    Chad, that makes me want to sculpt a Wolverine head. No telling when that will happen, though.

    Tito, it was my pleasure. Thanks for bringing DD back.

    Lizz, thanks for attending the workshop — glad you liked it!


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