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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I thought the Army of Darkness would be a suitable subject for today's holiday. This cover was done for Dynamic Forces in 2004, just before I started the Mythos series. It was a pleasure to work on, but my editors made me take out the best part. Apparently, my inclusion of a character from a popular ad campaign cut a little too close to reality. Can you see what's missing?

The initial sketch...

... and the drawing in progress.

Final inks.

And before I let you go, I wanted to share another recent commission, this time starring Eric Powell's The Goon. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


  1. That Goon sketch is awesome!
    Sadly, I stumbled upon some guy on deviant who appears to be stealing some of your art. He also put one of them up for sale as a print. He claims the art is his. Just thought I'd give you a heads up!

    his page:

  2. Thanks for the heads up, sir. Not sure what I can do... maybe I'll just send him a polite message.

  3. They have a report button, but's only available to members. I'm a member there, so i've reported those two works. Let's see when they get around to it. Looks like a young kid, so ya know... what the hey.

    At any rate, two questions:

    A) You're still doing the sketches\comission in Oil, right?

    B) Since Acryla gouache has pretty much the qualities of Acrylic, why not go directly for it? Is it the matte properties for photography?


  4. Tia,

    Thanks for reporting that. The Deviant Art site seems very popular, but I just missed the bandwagon. I'm actually surprised this kind of stuff doesn't happen more often.

    With regard to your questions:
    A) Nope... I haven't touched oil paint in about 3 years now. And I don't think I will again until I have a devoted studio (instead of my bedroom).

    B) The matte properties are precisely what has made the decision for me. Since everything I do must be scanned for reproduction, that is my primary goal. However, over the last year or so, a growing proportion of each painting has been regular gouache. This is because gouache can be reactivated for easier blending, as opposed to acrylic which becomes a water-proof barrier.


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