Doctor Muerte

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A big thank you goes out to Club Batman in Malaga, Spain for sending me a treat from overseas. A few months ago, I had asked them to send me some of my own work in Spanish, which they promptly did. Pictured above is the Batman sketch that I had promised them in return.

Thanks for waiting, guys! I'll get it out this week.

Apparently, Books of Doom didn't translate directly.


  1. That Batman is really great. Usually adding the black to the front of his mask is associated with his friendly stages, but the nose really brings out the mean part.

    Counting the days 'till your Spidy issue.

  2. Looks like they just put the "Books of Doom" title on the left and made Doctor Doom more prominent...makes sense I guess, since it really is a Doc Doom series and is easier to pick out on the shelf that seeing Books of Doom.

  3. It´s a brilliant Batman, we are completely honored for your art.
    Your fans from Club Batman


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