Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 11

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It doesn't get much wackier than this. In order to get the right angle and gesture for the cover of The Iliad #3, I had to wield the fearsome broomstick. This was taken in the my "photo studio," otherwise known as the back room where we keep our toilet paper. There is also some lewd art on the wall. Also featured prominently is what my girlfriend calls the "chinese bun," a deformed mass of muscle sometimes called my bicep.

I'll be in sunny Florida for the whole week, relaxing with my girlfriend and 'rents, all of whom joined me at the Heroes Con this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table. I had a wonderful time and hope to return next year. Once I'm back to Brooklyn, I'll share some pics from the show, including some new art. Have fun and remember to wear sunscreen.


  1. Look at those GUNS! Are those things registered? Ha ha ha, you got balls man, but these posts are so entertaining! Good stuff, keep it up. That cover was sick to by the way, the wacky reference really paid off.

  2. Have a good time in Florida.

    The wacky reference stuff is great, but be careful with that broomstick :)

  3. That's cool, but who posed for the horse? I want to see whose grimace that horse face was modeled after.

    Hey, I just got my reservations for Comicon. Will you be there this year? Doing commissions?

  4. I'm afraid I won't be at Comicon this year... sorry! However, I may start accepting commissions from home on a (very) limited basement. Check out my main site for more info.


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