Big Apple Pin-Ups

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another 6 pin-ups, as promised, mostly from the Big Apple Con (Dr. Strange and Aquaman were from the New York Comic Con). The Green Goblin was probably my favorite, since it's the craziest and most colorful.

I'm all caught up with my life now. I sent out my estimated taxes yesterday, renewed my site hosting and domain (almost 3 weeks late), ate some shark fin soup in Eastchester, and will begin working again today: the cover for The Twelve #8. Finally, I get to paint a lady.

Also, I just completed a video trailer for Mythos: Captain America. Hopefully, I can post it before the end of the week, once the guys have formatted it. It's pretty simple, but I'm happy with it. I made it on iMovie, which came with my iMac and was easy to learn. I could have used a few more editing capabilities, but just the fact that I was able to use it instantly says a lot about the interface and program design.

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