The Mythos That Never Were

Friday, June 27, 2008

As I have mentioned before, Mythos: Captain America will be the last of the Mythos series. However, we had originally planned for 2 additional books featuring Iron Man and Daredevil, both of which I was looking forward to. I just ended a sentence with a preposition. It's my blog. Featured in this post are 2 digital sketches I had created to help visualize the look of the series before I had painted a single page.

If you're familiar with the Mythos covers, you can see that the basic design is there, although in rough form. I wasn't satisfied with the logo that they had shown me at the outset, so I came up with something on my own, which was followed pretty closely in the end.


  1. . . . nooo!! i want those too now.

    captain america was beautiful by the way. My favorite of the series.

  2. Mythos Captain America was amazing. You can see the time and thought that went into every page.

    Too bad about Daredevil that would have been really nice, but I really can't imagine wanting to end the series with anyone else other than Cap.

  3. That just blows.
    I would have liked the Daredevil. Like Ghost Rider, he was one of my early favorites.

  4. I have recently started reading comics again after about a 10 year break and I picked up the Captain America issue of Mythos because of the cover. What I found inside was stunning, some of the best comic book art I have ever seen. I'm really glad I came back to comics when I did. I hope you get to do the Daredevil issue one day. He's still my favourite character, after all this time. -Bruce

  5. the fact that we'll never see that daredevil issue is a travesty. the cap. issue was so good that i walked straight back to the shop and bought the hulk and x-men back issues.

    absolutly amazing artwork

    well done, sir!

    i especially liked the way it had a kind of memory or reminiscent effect to the painted art... almost like you we're looking into the characters memories - perhaps not exactly how it was, but how they remember it...

  6. man dont stop making MYTHOS!!!! because they are aweasome soo think it ......i have a question for you paolo ¿did you are going to be on Sandiego ComicCon??


  7. Glad y'all liked it. Wish we could do more, but now it's time to move on. More on that later.

    And no, I won't be attending the San Diego Comic Con. Maybe next year.

  8. That is a bummer.
    Though really the book I wanted to see was

    Mythos: Doctor Strange

    THAT would've been awesome.

  9. Hey, that looks an awful lot like the Daredevil #1 cover!!

    1. Exactly. I had the idea for that cover years before I finally got to paint it. I'm glad I finally got the chance... and with Mark Waid, no less!


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