Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 254

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ink(ed by Joe Rivera) on bristol board, 11 × 17″.

Miracle Man #3 is out today and you can see a preview here. Despite getting plenty of costume reference, I still made the belt the wrong color. The printed version should be correct, though (yellow, not red). This being a cityscape, I used my trusty Google Earth to get just the right angle on Big Ben. This was, of course, beefed up with plenty of reference I found on-line, including the building across from it. I didn't take any photo reference for this one, but I probably used my Sculptris male maquette to get the angle right.

It looks better in real life.

inks by my Paw
blue-line print of pencils

pencils over digital sketch
digital sketch

digital layouts

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