Egon and Batman

Friday, February 28, 2014

BATMAN. 2014. Ink & watercolor on bristol, 8.5 × 11″.

The week is done, but I still miss Harold Ramis. I watched Ghostbusters again on Monday... just because. I was a Ghostbuster before I was Batman or Spider-Man, or even a Ninja Turtle. And judging from the response I saw on Twitter, I know I wasn't alone. See you on the other side, Egon.

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? 2014. Digital, 8.5 × 11″.


  1. Same here! I was into Ghostbusters and then Ninja Turtles followed up by Batman and G.I. Joe. But I will always be a Ghostbuster first!

    Great tribute piece to Harold Ramis/Egon.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was huge into G.I.Joe around the same time. Never really grew out of any of it, I guess.

  2. Wow your Batman piece is striking, as is the Egon piece, both are finely understated.


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