Sacramento and Mexico City

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MJ. 2012. Watercolor on paper, 9 × 12″.

I will be accepting a limited number of commissions for Sacramento and Mexico City. There are only 3 options, all of them 9 × 12 inches:

Watercolor painted portrait (on my own paper, no exceptions): $250.
Ink portrait: $80 ($20 surcharge for sketch covers)
Ink with watercolor wash portrait: $120 ($40 surcharge for sketch covers)

If you're interested in getting on the list, please contact me through the appropriate email:

I will reply with an automatic confirmation of receipt, but will not be able to answer questions until just prior to each show.  Please indicate the character you'd like (and which version, if applicable). I will do my best to finish as many commissions as possible (only one per customer) but a place on the list does not guarantee that I will get to it. Thanks for your support (and patience)!

(I'm off to Savannah tomorrow for a mentor program at SCAD. That means no new blog posts for the rest of the week. Sorry!)

DAREDEVIL. 2013. Watercolor and ink on paper, 9 × 12″.

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